Intermediate 1 English Close Reading Past Papers

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Im struggling with how to answer the questions and im wondering if there is any techniques that any of you use to help you with it, and also the type of questions etc.. Hi reecescobie, I'm going back to do my Higher English after 5 years. I'm studying my close reading just now for my prelim. Look at the coding of the question U - Understanding - simply showing that you understand the word of the context it is used A = Analysis - using analytical skills to discuss imagery, word choice, tone, sentence structure " 1.

Look at the coding of the question U - Understanding - simply showing that you understand the word of the context it is used A = Analysis - using analytical skills to discuss imagery, word choice, tone, sentence structure Hey guys, I know this is an old thread, but I'm just going to leave this here for future students reference : QUESTIONS ABOUT CONCLUSIONS : i.e, how effective do you find this paragraph as a conclusion to the ideas before/ the passage as a whole Look for : 1) A word or idea that sums something up 2) Significant sentence structure such as identifiable rhythm created by alliteration, lists or climax.

Remember the marker wants to see it laid out infront of them so says something like "The word choice of "quote" shows/suggests..." then think about the connotational meanings and explain those. So look for sercasm, irony, humerous - the 3 most popular. I could do with advice here but I follow the basic analysis way of answering and add a final sentence at the end like "This is effective because we can imagine the true strength of the man" or something along those lines.

For imagery questions try to use the formula "Just as... If it's a four mark question and you don't think you can go into any of the language features into detail then put down 4 with a small analystic comment. I recommend 10 minutes at leasr for the question on both passages. Clearly state which one you prefer/ catches our attention etc.

Hey, Well my English tutor marks close reading for the SQA and she says they get paid per paper they mark so they like to see the answer laid out before their eyes.

For understanding questions make sure you know what the question is asking you to find before you go looking. However don't get bogged down with thinking you need to translate every world.

Do you have the Leckie and Leckie higher English grade booster? It's also very important to read the question properly, it's amazing how many people don't Whenever you are asked a question on style or form, or anything really, just remember TECHNIQUE - EXAMPLE - COMMENT.

Very simple example for it is late: In paragraph 1 a simile is used, "the man ran like the wind", and this helps to give the reader an image of how fast the man is running, boosting the effectiveness of the writer's description and helping them to get a greater understanding of the situation described.

QUESTIONS ABOUT LANGUAGE : These questions primarily want you to consider the writers : 1) Word choice 2) Sentence structure 3) Tone 4) Imagery (if present) QUESTIONS ON WORD CHOICE : 1) Identify a word that the writer uses to a particular purpose. 2) Show how this purpose is achieved by stating connotations : Example : "negative connotations of being disgusting and horrible" 3) Link to the context : Example : "The writer uses this to show how drugs cheats in the Olympics are disgusting and horrible to show his major dislike of them." IMAGERY, metaphor, simile, personification, onomatopoeia etc. You may present your answer to this question in continuous prose or in a series of developed bullet points."------ Stick closely to the instructions in the question about whether to write about similarities OR differences OR both.

For example, if it is about similarities and you spot a difference, IGNORE IT. Look at these questions BEFORE starting the paper and leave time whilst doing the other questions to jot down the important ideas in the paragraph beside it, or make a table.


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