Introduction On Stress For An Essay

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Some life changes such as getting a new job, moving in with a new romantic partner, or studying to master a new skill are generally considered positive and life-enhancing events, even though they can also be quite stressful.

Other life changes such as losing a job or an important relationship are more negative, and also stressful.

Though different people may experience the same type of events, each of them will experience that event in a unique way.

That is, some people are more vulnerable to becoming stressed out than others are in any given situation.Our experience of stress varies in intensity between high and low.How intensely stressed we feel in response to a particular event has to do with how much we need to accomplish in order to meet the demands of that situation.Generally speaking, people do not like experiencing the extremes of stress.This is true for each end of the spectrum of stress intensity, both high and low.Few people enjoy the feeling of being overwhelmingly stressed in the face of great change.However, most people do not like a total absence of stress either, at least after a while.Before we share these tips with you, however, we think it will be helpful to provide you with a more basic and biological explanation of the nature of stress and how it affects our bodies.If you want to skip ahead directly to the coping section of this document, that's okay with us too.Some people become highly anxious while others remain calm and composed.How vulnerable you are personally to becoming stressed out depends on a variety of factors, including your biological makeup; your perception of your ability to cope with challenges; characteristics of the stressful event (e.g., the "stressor") such as it's intensity, timing, and duration; and your command of stress management skills.


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