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Originally, all the IPv4 address spaces was managed directly by the IANA.Later parts of the address space were allocated to various other registries to manage for particular purposes or regional areas of the world.

The experience of wireless clients connected to remote APs will be the same as though they were located at headquarters, with full corporate network access.

The SSID can be configured to be in full tunnel or split tunnel mode depending on the targeted network design: Teleworker VPN can be used to connect small branch offices, teleworker or executive home offices, temporary site offices (eg.

Layer 3 firewall rules can also be used to quickly limit or block access to network resources.

Layer 3 roaming is a built-in feature that allows seamless roam even when changing to an AP on a different VLAN.

In this example, the client initially connects at point 1 where its traffic is bridged onto the network.

Ip Assignment

As the client roams to points 2 and 3 and associates to new access points, those access points will first tunnel the traffic back to the initial AP, and then bridge onto the network. Layer 3 roaming allows a client device to maintain a consistent IP address as it roams across APs located in different VLANs.This feature doesn't require a concentrator which eliminates bottlenecks within the network.The Access Points will create a connection from current AP back to the starting AP if the originating VLAN is not present on the target AP.SSIDs in NAT mode can still be used on wired networks already using a 10.x.x.x address space, however clients on the NAT SSID may be unable to communicate with these networks.NAT mode works well for providing a wireless guest network, since it puts clients on a private wireless network with automatic addressing.By maintaining a consistent IP address, a client can ensure uninterrupted access to latency sensitive applications such as Vo IP.It is possible to enable layer 3 roaming for Meraki MR access points by creating a secure mobility tunnel from each access point to a Mobility Concentrator, which can be either a VPN Concentrator or an MX security appliance.RFC 1466 [RFC1466] documents most of these allocations.Indicates the status of address blocks as follows: RESERVED: designated by the IETF for specific non-global-unicast purposes as noted.In NAT mode, the Meraki APs run as DHCP servers to assign IP addresses to wireless clients out of a private 10.x.x.x IP address pool behind a NAT.NAT mode should be enabled when any of the following is true: The DHCP service for NAT mode will only hand out addresses in the subnet.


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