Is The Penalty Effective Argumentative Essay

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Punishments will happen for individuals committing these crimes, but there are punishments that fit the crimes being committed.

For example, life in prison with no possibility of parole fits the punishment of first degree murder.

As the death penalty can be a controversial topic is it important to consider all possible factors.

The best approach to the death penalty is the principle of human dignity.

The principle of human dignity attempts to portray a message to lead individuals to believe that ending someone’s life says, a person doesn’t have any worth or value left.

Is The Penalty Effective Argumentative Essay Essay On Why Drugs Should Be Illegal

Individuals should never lose their respect for human dignity.If a person violates someone’s right to life, this murderer forfeits his or her right to life.The argument claims the state is not taking anyone’s right away because if one took a life of someone else, they do not have a right themselves.Disclaimer: This paper has been submitted by a student.This is not a sample of the work written by professional academic writers.The human dignity argument has the idea that human dignity should always be reserved.Human rights are given to an individual when born should be modified when committing crimes but never forfeited.Life in prison with no possible chance of parole is enough to deter an individual of a crime who does not want to seek punishment.Other supporters of the death penalty derive more from government than society.The government is considerably more in favor of the death penalty because of the costs.It is much cheaper in today’s economy to eliminate the criminals with the death penalty rather than to pay for them to live their entire life in prison.


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