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But now that you’re years removed from take-home questionnaires, you may be able to crack a smile or two at the process—especially if you take a gander at the jokes kids are slipping into their assignments these days.

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Kids these days often face hours of homework assignments each week—it's no wonder that some of their answers turn out a little snarky.

Lucky for us, the funniest homework answers often end up on the Internet, courtesy of amused parents or teachers.

None of us probably anticipated struggling over elementary school math homework yet, here we are.

And thankfully, the funny parents of Twitter understand our plight. A running theme in modern-day elementary school homework is how long it seems to take. So long you wonder what you used to do with all that free time in the evening before you spent it trying not to slug four vodka tonics in under an hour because your first grader is struggling to complete his 50-word-long Common Core math riddles.

The assignment was to write a sentence about a family member and draw a picture to accompany it, so this is spot on. Maybe she’s just jazzed about the 80 Amazing Benefits of Wine!

Some might correctly say this child’s drawing of their future self in a coffin underground is morbid, but it is also very accurate.Some of these students are being deliberately funny; others may very well be trying (and failing) to find the right answer.We think every single one of them deserves a place in the Smart Aleck Hall of Fame.And if you’d like some humor from the other side of the age spectrum, check out 50 Dad Jokes So Bad They’re Actually Hilarious.When you're a student, homework is an unavoidable fact of life.happy kids at the table with school supplies smiling funny and learning the alphabet in a Boy doing funny face Father playing cute little daughter doing riding in cardboard boxes, young Asian family kids having fun in new house living room Christmas concept. A hot topic among parents these days is the unbelievable homework our kids bring home — unbelievable not just in amount, but level of complication. A 6-year-old who’s been stuck at a desk most of the day and got a scant 25-minute recess and now has to sit at the kitchen table for an hour poring over math and reading homework is not a fun 6-year-old to be around. Whether they were due to hilarious spelling errors, kid-drawings that could be interpreted as, um, other (inappropriate) things, or just the ol' Common Core blunder, these 20 homework assignments failed so hard that they win the internet and are cracking us up.Growing up, homework was probably not your idea of a good time.Small girl with magnifier looking through glass Cute boy play tug of war Children playing football Children playing football Kid using smartphone Kid with headphone dancing Friends in virtual reality headsets Boy holding white blank board Boy holding white blank board Little boy doing selfie. kids emotion Two kids at the table children doing homework Two little girls sisters having fight on home backyard Funny kid in stylish suit is doing lotus for kids concept Happy kids doing homework A little girl and a boy learn at home.


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