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Elegance, perfection, and correctness mattered little to him; what he found transcendent was the plot, the destiny of his characters.

One must investigate every fringe, every path that Borges has left behind.

For Bolaño, the writing of his predecessors was somewhat profane, its most obvious expression being its unprecedented commercial success.

As with Flaubert or Kafka, literature for them was not a path to respectability, recognition or personal fulfillment; nor a difficult and perverse means of scaling the social or economic ladder; but rather a martyrdom or a pilgrimage, or a martyred pilgrimage towards complete annulment: the literary nirvana. " Flaubert postulated in an exalted letter to his friend, the novelist George Sand.

By comparison, in a speech given in Barcelona a year before his death, Bolaño declared, "Literature is an armored machine. Sometimes it doesn't even realize that they're alive." Borges maintained this notion in numerous essays, from "Everything and Nothing" to "From Someone to No One," "The Nothingness of Personality," and "The Argentine writer and Tradition," in which he speaks of artistic creation as a "voluntary dream" to which one must abandon one's self.


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