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There are a number of different points to keep in mind when you read previous research on a topic: After reading a significant amount of literature you will likely find that it needs to be synthesized and structured in some way.This typically involves rearranging the elements derived from the analysis to identify relationships or show main organizing principles or show how these principles can be used to make a different phenomenon.It is important to keep consistent records not only of what you have searched but how you searched.

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(click a section to jump straight there) Typically a literature review is conducted, and written, once a particular research idea, question, concept, or puzzle, has been generated.

The aim of the literature review is to answer a number of questions about the initial research idea or concept: To show the aims, objectives, scope, rationale and design features of the research.

You should keep in mind the aim of the review, which is to answer important questions about the topic being explored: This review process should involve a number of different steps: Start with some general reading to familiarize yourself with the topic or idea of interest.

Take notes on the concepts used and make a note of which authors are cited. Begin to think about the shape of the topic so that you can map it out at a later stage.

Academic research papers usually focus on developing a new argument and could contain a literature review as a part of it.

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Of note, research papers use the literature as support for the new idea you'll come up with. You clear your table, sit on your favorite chair and get ready to issue a ‘thumbs up or down' as you go through the pages on a book of poetry or novel. The review doesn't exactly mean that your reader is seeking to hear your personal opinion. A literature review refers to any collection of data on a topic; it doesn't have to be necessarily famous literary works.' A literature review is a summarized and organized pattern of information sources. The synthesis is the reshuffling of information while the summary is just a recap of the critical information from different sources.The interpretation could be new or could as well combine both the new and old information.Think about what it is you want to get out of the search and why you are undertaking a search in the first place.Your proposal for your research will have stated an aim pertinent to the search and review of the literature.You want to make sure that you have identified something that you are looking for, rather than just randomly searching.Design a means by which you will record what you find and how you will cross-reference materials.Though your focus should be on scholarly outlets such as journals, newspaper stories and some types of magazine (e.g.) articles will often have thoughtful takes on a particular issue and therefore are useful to review as well, particularly at the beginning of the research process.


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