Managing Effective Teams Essay

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When Davis wanted to pursue a different direction with his music, he assembled a new team with a mixture of new and young talent that kept him at the top of the music industry during his time.

Teams are often crucial to the organization achieving its desired success.

In a business organization there are different types of teams which includes formal teams, informal teams, self – managing teams, virtual teams. Moreover, many organizations have successful used not addressed, especially when trust fails to be established, this type of team will become ineffective and its continued use may struggle. doi:10.1061/(ASCE complete, working together and capable of performing to its full capability.

Formal teams- formal teams are created by the managers to give a shape to the organizational being used in an organizational setting produce a number of benefits for the company, however reaching high performance and success is not always easy. Building a high performance team takes hard work, dedication, and time. As future managers, we must be proactive by gaining knowledge and understanding of these challenges so we can handle them effectively. Conflicts, roles, and problems of adjustment have been resolved; the team has entered the 'performing' stage (Tuckman, 1965). Some believe that when a team has been established, everyone must share the same goals, objectives, and tasks.

Characteristics of a Successful Team There are common characteristics that make an effective team successful.

These characteristics are developed by the individual team members and by the group itself.Management's responsibility is to help team members work effectively together and this is no easy task. Team development is the most important factor for a high performing team. High Performance dramatically affect an organization's performance.To make an effective, developed team, first of all understanding what team development is. In recent years, teams have emerged as the most important group phenomenon in organizations.For the most part, proper group structures encourage the improvement of group methodologies. ‘Cooperation, competition, and team performance: Toward a contingency approach’, Academy of Management Journal, 46, pp.572-590. ( virtual teams can provide more benefits to organizations then traditional teams.Yet as groups develop, Team forms frequently shape the structures inside which they capacity best. This new method of team working offers many improvements, such as access to a wider skill base and a bigger diversity of team members.It is the leader¡¦s task to provide the proper training, coaching, and environment that promotes progress through these stages (Strategos, Inc., 2005).There are four stages of team development: „X Forming - The first stage of team development.„X Storming - The second stage of team development.In the storming stage, competition and strained relationships among team members will start to develop. This stage deals with issues of power, leadership, and decision... Team building consists of activities or exercises to improve performance in the work place and strengthen the resolve of the team, critical elements of a health care team. (2008 , High Performance Teams need to take into consideration the effects demographics, and cultural diversity will have on the overall success of the team.As stated above, the first and probably the most important, is the understanding of the purpose, mission, or main objective of the team.Each team member must ensure that communication is direct, open, and straightforward.


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