Medical Terminology Essay

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Medical language is an independent phenomenona and had a rich history.

General medical language used nowadays comprises terminologies formed from Latin and Greek word components, a number of which were used by Aristotle and Hippocrates many centuries ago (Ehrlich & Schroeder, 2012).

The prefix is placed prior to the word root and indicates the meaning of the term by showing additional information about the body part and position.

The suffix, on the other hand, is placed at the end of the term, functions as an inflectional ending that suggests specific attributes, such as the procedure, progression, and situations concerning the condition (Direkx, 2005).

Moreover, medical terminology applies Latin and Greek identifiers or compounds to hook up verbs, nouns, or combining forms (Cohen, 2008).

Having knowledge of the Latin and Greek terminology strongly contributes to the understanding and appreciation of medical terminology.Knowing medical terminology can also help you avoid making coding or billing mistakes that a patient may have to call to correct—a major patient dissatisfier.Healthcare professionals may see dozens of patients every day.Patients queing to make an appointment at the London Hospital in Whitechapel, East London, 1949 . FROM BMA: The guiding principle was that service should be comprehensive and all citizens should receive free treatment, advice, care, facilities without any discrimination.If you work in healthcare, a firm grasp of medical terminology is vital to your job performance whether you spend every day at a patient’s side or never step foot into a medical clinic.Both people in clinical and nonclinical positions within a healthcare system must be able to easily use medical terminology every day to understand what is being read, written, billed, or communicated during day-to-day job duties.To provide more efficient care, physicians or nurses may write quickly and scribble common abbreviations.All members of the care team should be able to understand these abbreviations and terms to provide the best care. The course helps you understand the different parts of medical terms so you can recognize new words in practice and understand their meanings.For people new to healthcare, medical terminology can sound like Latin nonsense, but medical terminology courses can help cut through the noise.These classes and trainings (provided by the PCC Institute for Health Professionals) are important not only for your career, but for the patients who rely on you.


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