Mergers And Acquisitions Research Papers

Mergers And Acquisitions Research Papers-44
The companies are focused or pay attention to the highest potential so that firms there could remain competitive and there is the abundance of the firms’ resources or capacities.

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The wealth of the shareholders because the significant relationship is focused on the M&A and there is the importance of relationship and the activities on the shareholder’s wealth.

The proposed research paper of based on the methodical manner and the relationship of the mergers and acquisitions.

There can be different situations in the different case of the acquisition; the firm decision can change the market returns and the opportunities.

The decisions can be taken for the sales as the acquiring company can set the high price and in this way, can order to acquire shares.

The impact of M&As is focused or proposed to identify about the wealth of the shareholders in the literature and the objective reality is known is known in the research methodology.

The positivist philosophy is tested and the research problem is aimed by the researcher so that the objective of the study or existing literature could be evaluated and the impact of M&As on shareholder’s wealth through the positivist research philosophy can be known.In order to find out the association in exploring the impact of M&As.the research design is focused on the shareholder’s wealth.Both are measured by the share price, the control variables are focused in the research.The firm size is focused as total assets and the firm performance as profitability.Though, the researchers used the numerical analyses by the quantitative methods in order to evaluate the conditions and the problem using statistical.The result is more reliable and objective because there are tools and techniques in the quantitative approach, in this, way the data or research become more explanatory in nature and the deep understating of the wealth of the shareholders based on the mergers and acquisitions is focused.The companies are focused on the firms and managements for the crucial growth and the competitiveness because firm are considerably impacted by the frequent implications of the mergers and acquisitions (M&As) in the industry.Moreover, the companies are investing the money and making the decision or announcement so that there could be the benefits or the substantial impact on the mergers of companies and acquisitions.There is the increase in the global competition because the companies are focused on the corporate environment; however, due to the competition in the market there are the results that the firms are competing in the competition.The companies are multiplying the resource and the skills so that there could be the better advantages, thus, the Capitals are ensured by the companies to enhance the competitiveness for the mergers and acquisitions (M&As) with the efforts to remain competent.


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