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Of course, without a destination, you can’t plan a route.

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Gloss it over to make sure anyone who reads it feels at least one of inspiration, hope, commitment, and awe.

In addition, your vision statement must be compelling, detailed, and reflective of the intended end outcome.

A mission and vision statement (more commonly called a mission statement or a vision statement) is a brief sentence that declares the goals that a business plans to achieve in the future.

Like a compass guides a ship, it guides a business to success by providing continuously inspiring its stakeholders in their daily operations and strategic moves.

A mission statement This is a brief statement that states the important goal or purpose that your business is poised to achieve.

In other words, it’s a single sentence stating why your business exists in a convincing manner.Take a look at businesses that has been around for over 100 years and you will see businesses with a strong mission.As an example: By contrast; I have come to observe that when a company forgets its mission, its starts to lose its relevance.Take away the mission and other key elements will fall apart.Your mission also has the power to attract other like-minded individuals and entities to your cause.A mission statement helps you plan your business effectively.It provides the destination for your journey to business success.If the mission is strong, your spirit will be strong towards the pursuit of your goal.“The IKEA spirit is strong and living reality. Simplicity and humbleness characterize us in our relations with each others, our suppliers and our customers.” – Ingvar Kamprad3.Your mission statement is the bond binding you, your team, employees and your customers to the business.Avoid one that is bland, generic, uninspiring, or unreasonable.An example of a good vision statement is that of Amazon:2.


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