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If you wish to go the extra mile, number pages 2-5 only.You won't believe that this is true, but the following is an actual e-mail from a former student who was in college at the time of this letter.

If you get an A-, I'll give you a double daily grade.

If you get an A, I'll give you a double 100 quiz grade. Get rid of the word "very." It is an overused word and you can do better than that.

I suggest that you write your paper by starting with the body. You will probably find it easier (and quite effective) to make it your last sentence.

You have note cards to help you get through it and you can always go back and add in the introduction later. Well, since attaching $100 bills to your paper is unethical, let's try an approach that actually relies on your writing skills. Consider using these techniques: Your thesis statement should be somewhere in your introduction. Start broad, get narrower, then hit the reader with your thesis.

First of all, let's address why we are doing it: This is an easy way of giving credit to your sources. Just look at your source cards and follow the pattern to the right. You can also use this sheet as a helpful guide: Alford's Guide to In-Text Ecstasy Once you finish, you can clean up unneeded in-text by following these guidelines for cleaning up in-text. If you've ever been talking to someone who abruptly changes topic without letting you know that they were now talking about something else, then you understand how annoying a lack of transitions can be.

Remember that plagiarism is copying someone's words OR ideas without giving proper credit. - this is harder to spot than repetition, although similar.First person pronouns - I, me, our, my, mine, ours, us, we Second person pronouns - you, your, y'all Stupid words - very, nowadays, really, IDK, LOL Contractions - can't, don't, it's Phrases - "In this essay", "From my research", "In conclusion", " This is why I..." This is the last paragraph of your paper.You wrap up all your ideas in a neat little package.The key in weight lose is to pick foods that both healthy, but fun to eat, and design the program around that.The all ice cream diet is healthy for people because ice cream has the four main food groups, the individual ingredients are healthy, and there are several case studies where it has worked. In fact, I suggest that you start with your body and write your introduction later. Now you all you need to do is to look at that first note card and find a way to write that piece of information. Don't forget to put in your in-text documentation as you write. - these help your reader to realize that you are moving from one idea to the next.First, let me answer the number one question about research papers: Yes, you should be worried.If you are not worried about your research paper, you will not do a good job of it.This has no alterations to make me look good (I look good enough as is). I'd just like to take the time to thank you so much for giving us a research paper.So read this and then keep your handouts where you can get them. I'd be lost already if I hadn't have used MLA and all that fun stuff.People are obsessed with loosing weight, but often find themselves right back where they started.This is because people pick diets that they cannot possibly keep for long periods at a time.


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