Mother'S Day Essay S

Every year Mother's Day is celebrated to honor mother and motherhood.

Mother has many responsibilities, she constantly keeps her busy and tired.

He is the only person whose job is free of unlimited time and work.

Mothers play an important role in the lives of their children, giving birth to them to make them a better person.

It is only a mother who gives shape to her child's character and whole life.

Mother makes some special dishes like macron, chomins, desserts, biscuits, etc. To celebrate this day with full joy, both mothers and children participate in activities like dance, singing, speech etc.

Children participate in programs related to Mother's Day such as singing, dance, speech, poetry lecture, essay writing and oral conversations etc.Students participate in many cultural programs to please their mother, mothers are specially invited by their children on the order of school teacher and headmaster.On this day, mother gets great love and gifts from her children.Mother's Day is a very memorable and happy day of the year for every child and student.Mother's day is a special day dedicated to all mothers of India.Receive mother greeting cards, special cards and other special gifts from your children.On this day, family members go out and take delightful dishes and celebrate their happiness.It is celebrated in different ways and days in different countries for teachers and students to decorate classes to welcome mothers, although in India it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.The children invite their mother to a special card (made by children herself) at the right time, and her mother is surprised by giving unexpected gifts to the children.With many programs, teachers have prepared a lot for Mother's Day.Some students prepare poems in Hindi and English, prepare a few lines of speeches in essay writing, Hindi and English, on this day the mother goes to her children's school and is involved in this festival.


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