Music In Our Life Essay

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The best example to prove this sentence is, that you can easily learn songs rather than learning your syllabus.

The reason behind learning a song quickly is that your mind enjoys music. Thus, music is said to be a good option to learn new things quickly.

I have personally experienced such sublime emotions while playing with the band at distinct performances and each time it captivates my senses.

Through this medium, I have discovered diverse abilities and hidden talents.

Music is an important part of our life as it is a way of expressing our feelings as well as emotions.

Some people consider music as a way to escape from the pain of life.My love for music has grown immensely throughout the past few years and continues to grow without bounds.I started playing the guitar at the age of fourteen, and as a result, my view of the world has changed completely.When you hear a song, you try to understand its lyrics and try to make out what the singer wants to convey through his song.Understanding ability is enhanced, when a person listens to instrumental music and he uses his brain to understand the message, conveyed by the musician, without the use of words.No matter, what the great invention is, it requires art, creativity and imagination that is fulfilled by Music.There is also a proven fact that music has the potential to improve your listening as well as your understanding ability.It creates a gateway, in which, I am able to empower my own world of imagination and sensitivity.On the other hand, my emotions are released through precise and meticulous performances that envelop the soul and mind. As I play intensifying versions of my songs, anger, fear, love and hate transform into electrifying energy that heightens the musical notes into another level.In fact, if one has the heart to listen carefully, then music is spread throughout nature and all around us.The natural music that has been depleted to a large extent by urbanization and has rather been replaced by too much of annoying noise all over still persists silently beyond the chaos.


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