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I was nine years old, and really hoping for a sister, but I couldn't help falling in love with my hairy new sibling. Being the only daughter, I considered myself a princess and insisted on being treated like one. I have to admit, the amount of attention this new baby was getting really made me jealous.

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I had to write a long application and pass through nine grueling interviewers, but I did it. Through Daniel Murphy, I was given a choice of attending just about any private school in Chicago, or boarding school in America that I could get into. Well, when I walked in, it was love at first sight.

Without Daniel Murphy, I probably would have attended my local public high school. I was advised to try for the best school on their list, dear old Ignatius. I felt like I had time-warped into some dusty old book with a burgundy cover, and a gold fringe. My only thought was that I could survive the homework, the commute, everything, if I could only feel like this every single day.

There is just one more event in my life which I must mention because it is shaping my future incredibly.

This past summer, I was offered the chance to be a part of the Western Golf Association's Caddie Academy.

Through this program, I and twenty-two other girls from around the country were given the chance to live at the Evans Scholar dorms at Northwestern University for seven weeks.

Everyday, we were driven by counselors to our separate country clubs, where we caddied all day for lots of rich, important people (including the president of Lou Malnatti's, who gave me a free large sausage deep dish one time).They know my name, and I'm so proud to know theirs.My American Dream, like that of many other first generation Americans, is to attend a university and acquire a legitimate career.And if you are looking to become a good, virtuous person, I suggest coming to live with my family.Living with my savages, I mean, my brothers will teach you to be patient and loving. I was educated early on in a public elementary school.I will not name that school, because the next thing I'm going to do is to say how much I hated it there.In sixth grade, my mother decided to try and homeschool my brother and I.On Mondays, we caddied at WGA events, such as the Evans Scholar Invitational, or we would go on fun outings.This wasn't just a summer job, or an extra long sleepover.The end goal of each one of us caddies is the WGA's Evans Scholarship, aka, a full ride to college.Last school year, one of my good friends, and my Improv club leader, Connor, became an Evans scholar at Marquette University.


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