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We continuously think of them, we can even crave them. This period, with its blooming burst of emotions, energies and vibrations allows humans to tap into the healing power of unconditional love.At some point though, one expectation seems to emerge: the idea that our partner is… So our metaphors equate the experience of loving someone to extreme violence or illness.[…]The history of Western culture is full of language that equates love to mental illness. Because when we’re in this state something magical happens: we are naturally able to overlook the flaws of a fellow human being. In fact, it’s irrelevant: we are willing to look at our partners as they are, in the present moment.Very often when we enter a new relationship, such dialogues don’t take place, leaving these important tenets unquestioned and unclarified. Here’s an opportunity to make a leap of consciousness. But the fall won’t be the protagonist of our movie.

Overwhelming bliss and a feverish state of trepidation.

This is what we all experience when we ‘fall in love’.

We can make it a catalyst to break the chains of separateness, to experience the completeness of being at peace with our fellow human beings by means of seeing them as inherently worthy of love, respect and compassion.“I guess I’m ready.

I listen to the constant roar of motors as the dirt bikes and go-carts race around the small track behind me.

And it’s certainly one of the aspects of a life worth living.

It’s hardly comparable to any other emotional state, for its unique ability to influence the way we perceive the world, ourselves, and the object of our desire. We all have our own ways to express these feelings with words and body language.well, This pattern entails that, in a relationship, we have the right to heavily influence what our partners do, how and whom they spend their time with, and the likes. We are willing to look at another person as inherently beautiful. We are willing to embrace their vulnerabilities and imperfections instead of judging them.This takes me to the importance of establishing boundaries and clarifying expectations, in relationship. We’re getting to a place where union wins over separateness.Among the feelings and perceptions that “falling in love” typically brings, there’s one that has been puzzling me for long: a growing sense of entitlement towards the other person. It actually makes things much harder than they already are.Something that most of us develop as a natural part of the process. We want to spend as much time as possible with our sweethearts. It paints the picture of human relationship with the dark color of drama. Let me try and offer a different story.“Flying in love” is an amazing gift that life offers us.After I saw her, I had feeling for her so that I want to be with her. That something turned out not to be the usual bike, go-cart, or anything with a gas or break. He stood in the line I was immediately taken back, speechless and growing slightly nervous that I would end up doing something embarrassing and I would never see him again.There were lots of nice moments that I had with her which is just a memory now, and I like to share these memories.At first, one of the best memories is when I saw my love for the first time.I finished up the current customer and sent him on his way, probably wondering why this girl was so distracted the entire time. His detachment reached the point of no response, and he ceased communication all together, saying “It was needed for us to move on until college.” To this day I still love him, and I know he still loves me.Never the less I worked through the next customer quickly in order to have a chance to talk to this mysterious guy. He wants the best for me, and although it is painful because I cannot hear his voice, it’s truly what I need.


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