National Case Study Italy And Germany

National Case Study Italy And Germany-5
The number of RFOs in Italy is four times larger than that in Germany and the Italian research system has more project funding instruments than the German system.Regarding the funding patterns towards NCD areas, in both countries, respiratory disease research resulted as the lowest funded, whereas cancer research was the target of most funding streams.

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It is a general rule that the German embassies around the world, which are the only competent bodies to assess the applications, shall process a German visa application for about 10 to 15 working days.

This paper aims to further the knowledge on national research landscapes in Europe, focusing on non-communicable disease (NCD) research in Italy and Germany.

To capture the architecture of country-specific research funding systems, a three-fold strategy was adopted.

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First, a literature review was conducted to determine a list of key public, voluntary/private non-profit and commercial research funding organisations (RFOs).

Second, an electronic survey was administered qualifying RFOs.

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