New Zealand Research Paper

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The team has also deployed acoustic moorings farther north, to monitor critically endangered Maui dolphins.

NIWA and other New Zealand research organizations have seen sustained funding growth in the past decade, as the country has increasingly focused on supporting basic and applied science.

In New Zealand, Māori elect members to parliament from designated Māori constituencies – and the right to participate offers more than the ‘duty to consult’ in Canada.

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Analytical and methodological research which typically deals with a well-defined topic based on a substantive research question.

Collections of research papers on a variety of methodological topics, including how we collect and use statistics.The mathematics of New Zealand's electoral district allocation A collection of papers explaining the calculations used to determine the number of Māori and general electorates for New Zealand's next general election, based on data from the most recent census and Māori Electoral Option.NZ Association of Economists annual conferences Conference papers presented by Statistics NZ staff at the annual NZAE conferences.Collections of research papers (including the Statistics New Zealand Working Paper Series) on a variety of methodological topics.These papers represent the views of the author, and are not published on behalf of the Government Statistician.Official Statistics Research Series Research on the usefulness, reliability, coverage, and availability of the statistics produced and held in the Official Statistics System, available on the Statisphere website.Research papers pre-2007 Collection of working papers on methodological topics and data analysis published before 2007.Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED) Research reports that provide an insight into the operation of New Zealand's labour market, through analysis of LEED and related databases.Longitudinal Business Database research Research reports based on a prototype database with integrated data from survey and administrative sources; and information about the Improved Business Understanding via Longitudinal Database Development (IBULDD) project.New Zealand socio-economic index 2013 (published 2017) Describes the construction and initial assessment of the New Zealand socio-economic index 2013 (NZSEI-13), which is an update of previous versions, using 2013 Census data.Comparing revisions in time series data: A report on seasonally adjusted versus trend series (published 2014) Describes an investigation into whether using the trend rather than the seasonally adjusted series could improve the stability of the figures in Statistics NZ publications.


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