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I got lost only once—I had no idea you weren’t supposed to take the George Washington Bridge to get to Manhattan, so I had to pay the toll in both directions.I got to my apartment and discovered that the Feast of Saint Anthony was taking place on our block.A few weeks after I moved to New York, I met Victor Navasky.

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I told the woman there that I wanted to be a journalist, and she said, “How would you like to work at It would never have crossed my mind to object or to say, “You’re going to turn out to be wrong about me.” It was a given in those days that if you were a woman and you wanted to do certain things, you were going to have to be the exception to the rule. I’d found an apartment with a friend from college at 110 Sullivan Street.

The real-estate broker assured us it was a coming neighborhood, on the verge of being red-hot. Anyway, I packed up a rental car on graduation day and set off to New York.

Through Victor, I met a huge number of people who became friends for life.

Then, in December, the famous 114-day newspaper lockout began, and Victor got some money to put out parodies of the New York offered me a tryout for a reporting job.

The robbery conferred a modicum of street cred with zero injury, and I needed all the help I could get.

I was a sophisticated sissy, having grown up near the center of Toronto, a cosmopolitan city of 3 million people.

I’d known since I was 5, when my parents forced me to move to California, that I was going to live in New York eventually and that everything in between was just a horrible intermission.

I’d spent those sixteen years imagining what New York was going to be like.

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