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But Mamatas maintains that despite the difference in the formats of the books, the two works are tied together by a particular set of circumstances. NICK MAMATAS: We can blame the current global economic crisis for the existence of my books , and two previous recessions for the way they were written.I started teaching myself how to write in the mid-1990s, during the recession and subsequent “jobless recovery” of the Clinton years.Suddenly, I wasn’t too concerned about cracking the Big Three markets for science fiction and fantasy.

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), but I bought a house and made a dollar a word writing for checks, and things were going very smoothly. Then the all crashed, and then the World Trade Center was attacked and I spent a morning and an afternoon cleaning loose papers and cinders drifting over the Hudson River from my porch and nothing was left of either my business contacts or my political contacts. When my contributor copies arrived, I was amazed to see that in addition to the usual “lifestyle” stuff, they’d published an actual short story from a prisoner.

I did still have fiction, with its “pro rate” of three cents a word. (It was about prison.) I knew I needed to write something for them that they couldn’t get from anyone else, so I combined everything I knew into a new set of stories.

Mamatas affects your opinion of him or his work for the paper mill.

*Consider what affect the medium (in this case audio as opposed to print) might have on the audience.

My life really changed in 1998 when I managed to save $300 to buy a used 386 that could actually run Windows. I’d been online since 1989 as a college freshman, so I knew my way around.

And I even had a clip thanks to that old My little left-wing book even found a publisher, a division of the University of California Press.

I’d found that a lot of traditional writing advice can lead to bad writing.

“Hook the reader,” means “Write an exciting first paragraph, then get boring.” “Create a narrative dream, to make a movie in the reader’s mind,” boils down to, “Use scene breaks like they were television commercial breaks.” “Make sure to tie up loose ends,” ends up as “Write a story that there’s no reason to re-read, and thus no reason to publish.” is a corrective.

I also cover query and cover letters, finding freelance work, interviews and reviews, and content mills—non-fiction still pays better, and makes it easier to starve better, after all. I wrote that novel as a lurch toward commercial respectability.

My fiction often mixes the genre writing I love with the postmodern material I’d gobbled up in my New York days—Barnes & Noble was the state to which I’d pledged allegiance, but just two blocks away St. My agent had a great idea: I should write a more serious novel, perhaps in the mode of Don De Lillo. I could take on the social questions of life after the Internet, show off literary technique, put in a married couple and a divorce, maybe.


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