Occupational Therapy Personal Statement Essay

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To prevent myself from making the statement too personal, I try to always reel back to the prompt provided. It is also another point that was mentioned by one of the faculty members here in USC; to make sure I address the prompt.

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Here are some of the advice I received: Find A Way To Highlight A Unique Point For starters, many think it is helpful to separate myself from the rest by highlighting something unique about myself or background or past experience.

It helps to try to see things from the admission committee’s perspective, being an international student offers a lot to draw from.

The following are some helpful tips for writing your OTCAS personal statement as well as UF The document information for OTCAS program should be added in the form of some points for addressing in the personal statement.

However, you are required to submit the prior educational and professional documents.

There are numerous universities that offer valuable opportunities of studying in OTCAS program. You don’t need to think twice before applying to any of such universities for admission in OTCAS program.

Make sure that you have adequate relevant work experience and good previous educational record to get shortlisted for the program.A feeling that might be familiar to many and counter-productive to all.In an effort to gain better perspective, I ventured on to ask fellow friends and faculty about helpful elements to incorporate in a personal statement.All of these institutions only select the candidates on merit basis.Your has got to communicate the right information to the reader if you want to ensure that you are going to have any chance of selection.Along with your other prerequisites for occupational therapy it will be submitted to the programs that you are applying to.Your OTCAS personal statement will often be one of the most important parts of your application as often many other applicants will have very similar results to you and it is your personal statement that enables you to be able to stand out.Since this is very important to me, I find myself being highly critical of everything I produce.This does not help at all with my time constraints, because I keep throwing out every rough draft I come up with.A friend recommended to use past work experiences to showcase my own abilities and skills, how well I performed something or highlight skills I mastered during that time.It will not be enough to just state where I worked before, because that information is attainable through the CV attached with the personal statement. It would make more sense to talk about with whom I worked and what were my responsibilities during that time, and then mention how that particular experience has shaped me into the occupational therapist I am today.


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