Ocr Level Biology Coursework

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"Sadly, it would seem that this student mistakenly interpreted the sudden switch to manually creating water baths just prior to the exams as having more meaning than it in fact did.

The issue was resolved quickly and in time for the start of the exam period." But another student also said: "Kidneys a deffo so revise everything.

The exam is in two parts: an experiment that candidates have to carry out, then a question involving the use of a microscope.

This year the first part involved what is known as a Benedict's test for reducing sugars, involving dissolving a food sample in a water bath, applying some Benedict's solution and heating it.

OCR said it would watch the results to see if anyone had gained an advantage.

Last year the same exam was annulled after some students were given data others had to work out for themselves.An exam board is investigating suggestions that some teachers gave students hints about what questions would be in an A-level biology exam.Discussions in an online student forum ahead of OCR's A2 biology practical identified key areas for revision." The college's director of professional and general education, Anne Hurworth, said this had been a misunderstanding by the student."Wherever possible, the science department uses electric water baths in the science labs for health and safety reasons, however it is far from unusual for AS and A2 students to have to make their own water baths for certain experiments.Obviously this was not his fault and if there were no specimin results, his whole exam would be pointless as you use the data obtainined in the following questions.Also, there is an invigulator in the exam room to make sure no rules are broken and they seem to have no problem with results being given to candidates.And the first question we were hinted by our techa that its got to do something with a mini water bath u have to make of ur own so is temperature and enzymes related to this?" And after the exam, one of the candidates wrote that the required drawings of what had been visible through a microscope had been "very hard" to do, adding: "However I gotta thank whoever said it was going to be on kidneys and foodtests!!One replied: "My teacher randomly covered kidneys today and offered no explanation.Also we covered yesterday a Benedict's test of a non-reducing sugar...


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