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Certainly, The Old Man and the Sea fits that description.The novella invites, even demands, reading on multiple levels.He accepts the inevitability of the natural order, in which all creatures are both predator and prey, but recognizes that all creatures also nourish one another.

In living according to his own code of behavior, accepting the natural order and cycle of life, struggling and enduring and redeeming his individual existence through his life's work, and then passing on to the next generation everything he values, Santiago becomes an everyman (an archetypal representation of the human condition).

His story becomes everyone's story and, as such, becomes genuinely uplifting.

On the eighty-fifth day he sails out to sea as usual, and this is the day that changes Santiago’s life forever.

He hooks an unusually immense marlin, and they have an agonizing battle for several days.

Changing this to be masculine means that they do not feel that the sea has any beauty or significance other than for money.

Another way that the author tells that the old man appreciates the ocean is in one of his descriptions in the book.

Hemingway often compares Santiago with the younger fisherman and describes various particular parts about the beautiful sea.

This allows the reader to learn that Santiago especially loves the sea and is unlike the other fisherman.

As the tourists who mistake the marlin for a shark still comprehend from its skeleton something of the great fish's grandeur, readers of different ages and levels of understanding can find something inspirational in this story — perhaps even more if they dip into its waters more than once.

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