Online Education Business Plan

You want to create one offer and deliver as much value to people as possible, and you’d prefer to keep customers for the long-term.

James is the founder of the Freelance Writers School, where he teaches regular people how to make money and travel the world through writing.

Cayenne Consulting approached the engagement as if it was their business.

We were delighted with the business model and impressed with the thoroughness of their research.

In fact, the Uscreen customers who apply this business model earn an average of $3,800 per month!

if you want a long-term profitable business which is easy to manage and has high levels of customer retention.Read More Principal Consultant Portland, OR & Los Angeles, CALee Muhl’s consulting practice spans a number of industries and sectors.Lee works constantly in real estate, entertainment content and Internet platforms, but his practice over the...To keep pace with these changes, I have reinvented myself and become an educational blogger and web publisher.The arrival of the Internet has made all these changes possible.Even though the venture wasn't a financial success, the research, the writing, and the collaboration with Dr. Fred called it a FOG: a "f___ing opportunity for growth." My latest online venture is an educational website, Business English (BEHQ).I co-founded it with Craig Gonzales, a wildly dynamic teacher and smart techie with lots of Internet teaching experience.(Craig has recently moved on to other ventures.) I had the chance to meet Craig online taking a course with him on creating a viable online business.Katie Herring, my assistant, later joined the team, thanks to Craig.At the point of launch, those 0 courses look deceptively lucrative.But over the long game, you can earn more money for less work with the academy model.


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