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The next part discussed the literature review regarding organizational performance, cultural control, planning control, cybernetic control, rewards and compensation control, administrative control, and organizational performance.

The next part discussed the literature review regarding organizational performance, cultural control, planning control, cybernetic control, rewards and compensation control, administrative control, and organizational performance.In addition, hypotheses development, research methodology, research instruments, population and sampling, sample size, assessment of measurement and structural model, discussion and conclusion, theoretical implications, practical implications, and limitations and future direction were discussed in the next part.According to Malmi and Brown (), planning controls play a significant role in directing the behavior of organization employees, and in MCS, topology planning controls use as a separate system.

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Subjects: management accounting, business, performance management Organizations work in a competitive environment, and if they want to exist in the current market, they face lots of challenges that reduce their performance.

For instance, organizations face these challenges such as poor planning, cultural issues, monetary issues, rewards and compensation issues, administrative issues, business strategy issues, environmental uncertainty issues, leadership issues, capabilities issues, and issues regarding cybernetic controls.

Planning controls is a significant indicator and cannot be ignored while measuring organizational capabilities and organizational performance (Ali, ).

Moreover, it is an important indicator for an organization’s success; top management uses the budget in communicating as well as coordinating strategic priorities of organizations (Abernethy and Brownell, ).

In firms, sometimes organizational culture not in the controls of managers and employees controls that culture. Symbol-based controls refer to a type of culture that is demonstrated visually such as the particular design of the offices or unique type of employees’ uniform with the organization (Malmi and Brown, ).

In organizations, there are sub-cultures that also exist and these sub-cultures are known as clans. Likewise, symbol-based controls refer to a situation when organization expresses their culture in these forms such as the specific design of building in developing a particular type of culture and special dress code of employees (ODOR, Planning is a very important tool for organization management, and planning consists of both short-term planning and long-range planning in both small organizations and large organizations. Moreover, planning refers to “an activity to determine and define the means for achieving them and planning controls helps managers to think regarding future of organization instead of thinking only daily activities” (Daft, ).

Organizational capabilities mediate the relationship between all five elements of MCS as a package and organizational performance.

The findings provide insights to top management of the textile industry to enhance organizational performance by focusing on indicators mentioned in the study.

Moreover, some of the studies show that Pakistan textile sector faces some issues about MCS and due to these issues performance of this sector going downwards (Ataullah et al. For instance, there are some issues regarding cultural controls such as lack of trust and lack of appreciation among employees, no collective method for problem-solving, and low employee morale (Ataullah et al. In the current study, our focus is only in planning controls and cultural controls; those are elements of MCS as a package that has less attention in Pakistani textile sector. Moreover, most of studies conducted in developed countries with MCS in isolation but ignores MCS as a package to measures organizational performance and less attention has been paid in developing countries (Acquaah, ).

MCS plays a significant role in enhancing organizational performance in both developing and developed economies. However, in one of the recent studies, the authors recommend that in developing countries there is a need to test the relationship between MCS and the performance of an organization (Bin-Nashwan et al. Hence, this study examines the relationship between MCS as a package and organizational performance in developing countries that is Pakistan.


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