Parent Essay For School Applications

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Maybe she connects easily with others or is able to deal with conflict easily.Perhaps she has a love of music and creates or composes her own tunes just for fun.

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“There’s no formula to a good essay,” said Zoe Edelen-Hare, who is the Assistant Director of Admissions at Catlin Gabel, one of the area’s most selective private schools, which admits only about one in three of its applicants.

“Any time a student is honest and writes about something that is truly important to them, we are moved.

As amazing as your kiddo might be, every child has his weaknesses.

Denying this simply means that you are not being honest about your child’s needs and perhaps why he might be a great fit for a particular school. Perhaps your child is on the shy side and less confident in big groups.

This certainly would not apply to preschool applications.

If you have an older child, try to reign in the listing of accomplishments.

There will be space for all of that information elsewhere, so don’t try to pack it in here.

• Don’t be afraid to show your child’s vulnerabilities.

And mentioning rank of the school or college placement is just in bad taste.

Rather, think deeply about why this school is a great fit.


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