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The heartbreaking statistics: 60% end up with ADHD and depression; 23% attempt suicide; 70% are suspended, expelled, or drop out of school; 60% are charged or convicted of crimes; 30% are confined to a mental hospital; 80% have employment problems.Forty thousand babies a year are born in the USA with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, at a projected cost to the nation of over billion annually. If every “life is sacred” as religionists claim, why do we allow alcoholic mothers to cripple their fetuses?

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Philosophers, psychologists, and social workers have advanced this idea for 30 years, notably Hugh La Follette in his seminal essay, “Licensing Parents” (1980), and Peg Tittle, editor of (2004). But what’s the result of this laissez-faire attitude? Millions of children born disadvantaged, crippled in childhood, destroyed in adolescence.

Call me vile names like “Neo-Nazi-Elitist-Baby-Killing-Totalitarian-Sicko.” Or simply “Eugenicist.” I don’t care. It’s blatantly clear that 15-year-old intoxicated half-wits can easily spawn, but should they? No one should be permitted to reproduce unless and until they pass a battery of tests. I agree with Joseph Fletcher, who notes, “It is depressing…to realize that most people are accidents,” and with George Schedler, who states, “Society has a duty to ensure that infants are born free of avoidable defects.” Traditionalists regard pregnancy and parenting as a natural right that should never be curtailed.

Let’s keep babies away from buffoons, and let’s test fetuses meticulously to guarantee healthy infants.

Their suggested reform—based on humanitarian concerns for the rights of children—is always booed down hysterically with the shrill vocabulary that I listed above. Procreation cannot be classified as a self-indulgent privilege—it needs to be viewed as a life-and-death responsibility.

This is more than a mere “problem”—it is an appallingly tragic reduction of a life before that life even began.

Children born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome consistently have mental retardation, poor impulse and anger control, facial defects, poor memory, motor skills, social skills, judgement, and sensory integration skills.If teenagers are seriously itching to get gestating and they don’t know what to do with their time, they can at least study assiduously for the examinations below.Parent licensing advocates believe that anyone who wants to raise a child needs to learn the basic principles of healthy guardianship.Perhaps you’re aware of high-profile cases like Andrea Yates, who drowned her five children in a Texas bathtub; or Riley Ann Sawyers, aka “Baby Grace,” who was tortured by her parents daily until her skull was cracked against a wall; or Nazir Ahmad of Pakistan, who killed three daughters and a stepdaughter; or Austrian Josef Fritzl, who imprisoned his daughter in a cell for 24 years and fathered seven children with her, etc., etc., ad nauseam. In the USA, 4.82 children die per day of abuse and neglect, and “filicide”—parents murdering children—is the third leading cause of death for American children five to fourteen years old. Mommies are more likely to kill infants and toddlers (78% of those killed are younger than four), especially young mothers who are single, separated, or divorced.Dads are more likely to kill kids who are eight years old or older.It is the hardest job in the world and the easiest job to get.I think people should have a license to become parents because many people are poorly prepared to be parents and many children who are victims of abuse or unnecessary deaths caused by irresponsible parenting.Additionally, nearly one million American kids are physically abused, emotionally abused, or neglected each year—a number that is highly conservative since many cases go unreported.The personal damage caused by this brutal mayhem is staggering.Additionally, all prospective parents need to pass a psychological evaluation to eliminate anyone who is volatile, immature, and dangerous.Two present tests that are already available are the Child Abuse Potential Inventory with its 160 questions, and the Kempe Family Stress Check List, with its strong predictive success—80% of abusive families record high scores on this survey.


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