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However, there have been instances where doctors have disagreed with a patient’s choice, often in times where they believe the patient is not competent to make medical decisions.

A case which highlights this ethical dilemma is that of Scott Starson.

If the physician found it went a 11 gainst his beliefs to allow the patient to deny a treatment he believes to be vital to Starson’s well being, he could have transferred him to another doctor and withdraw from the case.

So as made evide 12 nt, Starson has the right to deny the treatment.

Firstly, a competent patient should always have the right to make their own medical decisions.

The Supreme Court declared Starson competent to make medical decisions, which his doctors disagreed with, as did the Ontario Capacity and Review Board. Simply, competence means having the “ability to perform a task”, but in a medical context it generally means being able to understand the reasons for a recommended treatment, the procedure, and the risks/benefits involved, as well as understanding the alternatives and being able to make a decision in regards to understanding these factors.Theoretically, all competent patients should have the right to make their own medical decisions regardless if the professional disagrees with them, however Starson’s level of In conclusion, Starson’s case is a perfect example of the competence debate and whether it is alright to take away patient autonomy in certain situations. Although mental illness can cloud judgment, and should be taken very seriously, the Supreme Court declared him competent enough based off of various tests. His doctors did not agree with his deci 4 sion, and therefore took it to court, however the Supreme Court deemed him competent to make his own medical decisions.Firstly, I will argue that every competent patient 5 has the right to deny their medical treatment without intervention, and secondly I will argue why a patient with mental illness should be forced to comply with their recommended treatment.Elise stresses Isaiah stay out into the waiting room while she collects Caitlin’s information. As Caitlin arrives in the exam room and sits in the chair and waits for Elise as she goes over Caitlin’s past medical history and reason for her visit. By Elise giving up the patient assignment to another nurse who had no insight as to who it was seeking care, she would have avoided any conflict of duty to not only that patient but the duty to her friend as well. Caitlin desperately asks Elise if termination of pregnancy is her only option in her situation and Elise is quick to respond that it is Isaiah’s right too, and he has expressed he would like to go through with the termination, so unfortunately this is her only option. We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.However, even if they were to force treatment, there is no guarantee that Starson would take his medication, since he would be living among society without a physician present everyday ensuring his medication is being taken. Therefore, there is a large chance that if he was forced to take his medication, he eventually would not once he is out of the psychiatric hospital, and therefore his disorder would be more dangerous in society than in a hospital where he is supervised.


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