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Several cities have “domestic partnership” laws, which allow relationships that do not fit into the category of heterosexual marriage to be registered with the city and qualify for benefits that up till now have been reserved for straight married couples. In these cities, a variety of interpersonal arrangements qualify for health insurance, bereavement leave, insurance, annuity and pension rights, housing rights (such as rent-control apartments), adoption and inheritance rights.San Francisco, Berkeley, Madison, and Los Angeles all have legislation, as does the politically correct Washington, D. Eventually, according to gay lobby groups, the aim is to include federal income tax and veterans’ benefits as well.The concept of domestic partnership ignores these concerns, indeed directly attacks them, this is a pity, since one of its most important objectives—providing some civil recognition for gay relationships—is a noble cause and one completely compatible with the defense of the family.

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So could two close college students, a pair of seminarians, or a couple of frat buddies.

Left as it is, the concept of domestic partnership could open a Pandora’s box of litigation and subjective judicial decision-making about who qualifies.

What neither side quite contemplated is that they both might be right, and that the way to tackle the issue of unconventional relationships in conventional society is to try something both more radical and more conservative than putting courts in the business of deciding what is and is not a family.

That alternative is the legalization of civil gay marriage.

It provides a mechanism for emotional stability, economic security, and the healthy rearing of the next generation.

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We rig the law in its favor not because we disparage all forms of relationship other than the nuclear family, but because we recognize that not to promote marriage would be to ask too much of human virtue.But for many other gays—my guess, a majority—while they don’t deny the importance of rebellion 20 years ago and are grateful for what was done, there’s now the sense of a new opportunity.A need to rebel has quietly ceded to a desire to belong.Last month in New York, a court ruled that a gay lover had the right to stay in his deceased partner’s rent-control apartment because the lover qualified as a member of the deceased’s family. Conservatives saw judicial activism in favor of gay rent control: three reasons to be appalled.Chastened liberals (such as the editorial page), while endorsing the recognition of gay relationships, also worried about the abuse of already stretched entitlements that the ruling threatened.In principle, an elderly woman and her live-in nurse could qualify.A couple of uneuphemistically confirmed bachelors could be DPs.They make a deeper commitment to one another and to society; in exchange, society extends certain benefits to them.Marriage provides an anchor, if an arbitrary and weak one, in the chaos of sex and relationships to which we are all prone.You either are or are not married; it’s not a complex question.Whether you are in a “domestic partnership” is not so clear.


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