Persuasive Essay Social Issues

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This libguide will help you locate information on researching controversial issues for crafting a persuasive argument.

Your purpose is to convince your reader or listener of your point of view while acknowledging opposing arguments.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that unites a great list of issues.

The most common are: capital punishment, euthanasia, honor crimes, slavery, war, charity, female and male circumcision, sports, abortion, torture, and more.

Here are some persuasive essay topics environmental issues: Do you have an obsessive desire to check your social media profile?

If so, you are among the rows of millions of people who are dependent on social media.

You can discuss a certain type of sports, as well as consider gender issues, the Olympics, college sports, nutrition, doping, media coverage, injuries, racism, homophobia, etc.

Here are some suggestions that you can use as a basis for your essay: Are you a basketball fan?

Picking the right topic for your persuasive essay is half of success.

If you can’t come up with the topic, we will gladly help you – you can buy essay online safe from us or choose any of the topics from our list.


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