Phantasmagoria Film Essay

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The killer then appears when everyone has been introduced and it is usually night time, plotting another attack or on his way to fulfil it.Anthony Silva, co-writer for Phantasmagoria, spoke about the film in a May 2010 interview with Manson Wiki.Silva claimed his roles might have extended to direction and editing as well as screenwriting.Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll is a psychological horror film written and directed by Marilyn Manson.Anthony Silva and Geoff Cox assisted with the production, which was primarily handled by Wild Bunch. A haunted writer in an isolated castle is tormented by sleepless nights and visions of a girl named Alice, following the death of his father in 1869.Then the killer is revealed or stopped, resolving the narrative.A common device used in most horror films is the ' Red Herring'.Many developments have been used in newer films such as special effects and 3-D animation.A genre is formed when a type of film has certain elements that become essential to that type of film.He also spoke about the film's creation process, remembering how the writers studied Carroll's diaries, biographies and newspaper articles and surveys of the era, in addition to the very cameras and photography from that time period.Medical practices of the 1800s were also examined, "as Carroll experienced great bouts of sickness throughout his life." In an interview with Ora TV talk host, Larry King on June 3, 2013, Manson mentions 'But I just resurrected it again, (Phantasmagoria) and Roger Avary is going to direct it.' In a surprise status on February 6, 2014, Manson announced 'My long-awaited portrayal of Lewis Carroll in the film, PHANTASMAGORIA is finally in production.


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