Photosythesis Experiments

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The leaf that was in the light turns blue-black, which demonstrates that the leaf has been performing photosynthesis and producing starch.Try the test again with a variegated leaf (one with both green and white) that has been in the sunlight.When you put iodine on the leaves, one of them will turn blue-black and the other will be a reddish-brown.

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A leaf needs chlorophyll to perform photosynthesis — based on that information, where on the variegated leaf do you think you would find starch?

Plants fix carbon from the atmosphere through one of two versions of photosynthesis, known as C3 and C4.

Alternatively, you could place some Bicarbonate Indicator Solution in the bag with the plant and watch the colour change.

This would best be done with a reference colour chart to try to make the end-point less subjective.

Dry mass is often monitored by the technique of 'serial harvests' where several plants are harvested, dried to constant weight and weighed - this is repeated over the duration of the experiment.

If you harvest several plants and record how much mass they have accumulated you will have an accurate measure of the surplus photosynthesis over and above the respiration that has taken place.

Results of a 20-year experiment, however, have overturned such certainties, revealing the biomass boost to be only a short-term effect that reverses over longer time-scales.

The findings, published in the journal Science, carry important implications for our ability to predict the full ecological impact of rising CO In the C3 photosynthesis pathway, the carbon from carbon dioxide is converted to sugar via a copper-containing enzyme called ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase (rubisco).

Some days (or even weeks later), a disk is cut out of the other half of the leaf, dried and weighed.

Increase in mass of the disc is an indication of the extra mass that has been stored in the leaf.


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