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Validity is the degree to which a test measures the learning outcomes it purports to measure.Because students can typically answer a multiple choice item much more quickly than an essay question, tests based on multiple choice items can typically focus on a relatively broad representation of course material, thus increasing the validity of the assessment.The following ideas may be helpful as you begin to plan for a multiple choice exam: This information can help you identify areas in which students need further work, and can also help you assess the test itself: Were the questions worded clearly? If scores are uniformly high, for example, you may be doing everything right, or have an unusually good class.

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Following are four skills that students should have learned and practiced before taking essay exams: One of the downfalls of essay tests is that they lack in reliability.

Even when teachers grade essays with a well-constructed rubric, subjective decisions are made.

On the other hand, multiple choice exams provide less opportunity than essay or short-answer exams for you to determine how well the students can think about the course content or use the language of the discipline in responding to questions.

If you decide you want to test mostly recall of information or facts and you need to do so in the most efficient way, then you should consider using multiple choice tests.

GENERAL TYPES OF ESSAY ITEMS* RESTRICTED RESPONSE ESSAY ITEM- is one where the examinee is required to provide limited response based on a specified criterion for answering the question. Formulation of new questions BLOOM’S TAXONOMY essay questions* A.

LEARNING OUTCOMES MEASURED EFFECTIVELY WITH ESSAY ITEMS* Illustrations or examples of principles E. Knowledge = example how Egypt came to be called the gift of Nile. Comprehension= what is meant when a person syas “I had to crossed the bridge”? Application= give at least three examples of how the law of supply operates in our economy today. Analysis= explain the causes and effects of the people power revolution on the political and social life of the Filipino. Synthesis= describe the origin and significance of the celebration of Christmas all over the world.The reliability is enhanced when the number of MC items focused on a single learning objective is increased.In addition, the objective scoring associated with multiple choice test items frees them from problems with scorer inconsistency that can plague scoring of essay questions.There are two types of essay questions: restricted and extended response.Before expecting students to perform well on either type of essay question, we must make sure that they have the required skills to excel.Application of rules or principles in specified situations F. SOURCES OF DIFFICULTY IN THE USE OF ESSAY TEST* Instrument validity GUIDELINES FOR CONSTRUCTING, EVALUATING AND USING ESSAY ITEMS* Consider the following suggestions for constructing, evaluating and using tests: *Limit the problem that the question poses so that it will have a clear or definite meaning to most students.*Use simple words which will convey clear meaning to the students.Reliability is defined as the degree to which a test consistently measures a learning outcome.Multiple choice test items are less susceptible to guessing than true/false questions, making them a more reliable means of assessment.Moreover, essay tests can suffer from unreliable grading; that is, grades on the same response may vary from reader to reader or from time to time by the same reader.For this reason, some faculty prefer short-answer items to essay tests.


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