Problem Solving Key Words

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Keep them in mind as we explore some addition and subtraction problems. JSU (Join Start Unknown) Some kids were on the playground. All of the above problems are join problems, which means that the operation is adding, although the unknown is in different places in each problem.

Like I do for my classroom, I’m going to remove the numbers in the word problems so that you can concentrate on the words in the problem. The first two are the most basic problems that you would introduce to kindergarten and first graders.

My previous blog post gives you my purpose for doing removing the numbers. JCU (Join Change Unknown) There were ____ kids on the playground. Even second graders solve these type of problems, but with more difficult number combinations.

JRU (Join Result Unknown) There were _____ kids on the playground. Did you notice that none of the problems have traditional keywords?

It can be story problems or simply open-ended questions. portal Id=4507283\u0026amp;page Id=5856325\" target=\"_blank\"\u003eproblem solving decks\u003c/a\u003e from the North Carolina State Department of Education offer wonderful opportunities for thinking and solving problems.\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\u003cp\u003e\u003cimg src=\"

verifier=r XYttd8n UIu OVWD5867w Rp3uq H85lrp Ea Zey ZXu5\" alt=\"icon-weblink.png\" data-api-endpoint=\"\" data-api-returntype=\"File\"\u003e Problem Solving Decks\u003c/p\u003e\r\n\u003cp\u003e\u003ca class=\" instructure_scribd_file instructure_file_link\" title=\"Problem Solving Deck B Cards.pdf\" href=\" must be able to solve problems of any situation.\u003c/span\u003e\u003cbr\u003e\u003cbr\u003e\u003cspan\u003e \u003cstrong\u003e Problem Solving Every Day\u003c/strong\u003e\u003c/span\u003e\u003cbr\u003e\u003cspan\u003e Problem solving is not an isolated activity. Instead problem solving is a skill that favors every mathematics lesson.Problem solving is more than just one-step word problems.These \u003ca class=\" instructure_scribd_file instructure_file_link\" title=\"Problem_Solving_Situations.pdf\" href=\" Sl Aqp Uh7j VMUVjz3j Vb Wx TMf EKih Yf8\u0026amp;wrap=1\" data-api-endpoint=\"\" data-api-returntype=\"File\"\u003eproblem solving situations\u003c/a\u003e are illustrated in the images to the right.When I set up students to understand the context of a problem. I emphasize that students are looking for the action of a problem and an unknown. Some students may actually subtract for the last two problem types, but I’d bet that most of my students would count up from the start for the JCU problem. Number lines are one of the best tools I have found for teaching word problems. (Again, change out more for fewer)In all the examples above, can you pick out which keywords were used? Another good book on the top is John Van De Walle’s Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics (affiliate).When students can identify the action of the problem (which is the operation) and the unknown (what they are solving for) they are set for success. SCU (Separate Change Unknown) There were ___ kids on the playground. Students can physically act out the math on a large number line or draw their own open number lines for larger numbers. Manipulatives are a great resource for part-part-whole problems. RU There are ___ more boys than girls on the playground. There are several books, some for K-2 and some for 3-5.Problem solving should feature risk tasks, authentic purposes, and multiple ways to be solved.\u003c/span\u003e\u003cbr\u003e\u003cbr\u003e\u003cstrong\u003e More than Words\u003c/strong\u003e\u003cbr\u003e Solving problems goes beyond mathematics presented as word or story problems.Problem solving is the act of finding a solution when a method for solution is not obvious.However, notice the verb phrase in all the problems that reveals that the problems are join problems are: came on. How many kids were on the playground at the beginning?This set of words can be acted out in a classroom, even as simply as using hand motions. SSU (Separate Start Unknown) There were some kids on the playground. Like the Join problems, these separate problems are best learned through identifying the action and placement of the unknown. Students cannot depend on keywords to solve word problems and instead need to learn how to identify the action of the problem and figure out the unknown in the problem or what is missing in the word problem.


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