Problem Solving Strategy

I therefore distinguish the universal strategies from field specific tactics.As a young assistant professor I was looking for a desk.

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Enjoyment of having a problem solved is more a result of detecting and exploiting the problem's peculiarities.

As a rule, those peculiarities once observed define a refined class of problems which succumb to the same method of solution.

Using a table is a good way to sort out and organise the information that has been given in the question.

The information that has been set out in the table will hopefully lead students to the correct solution.

I found a detailed classification in an article by Murray Klamkin, cited below.

I added a few, and for some have not yet come across suitable examples. I would very much appreciate comments and additional examples. The most common way to approach a problem is by identifying a general class to which the problem belongs and using a method (if such exists) that is applicable to the problems of that class.

Making a list is a strategy that will help students sort out the information that has been given in the problem.

Once the students can see all of the possibilities for the solution, they can then attempt to solve the problem more easily.

Try one of the tactics, force yourself to speak aloud - something will come out.

Ray Bradbury, when short on ideas, taught himself to work with a dictionary picking random words and trying to put them together into something meaningful and relevant. Also, note that some of the tactics was previously mentioned - with additional advice - in a short assay of what constitutes a proof.


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