Ratio And Proportion Solved Problems

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The method for this is to place the percentage number and then : (colon) and then 100.

A ratio is read as 12 is to 100 when you see 12 : 100, for example.

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Ratio And Proportion Solved Problems

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Explanation: It is easier to compare the fractions if they have common denominators. Somesh saves Rs 3,000 every month while Rajesh saves Rs 1000/- more than Somesh.

Let's try to do that: We have 13 and 11 in the denominator. Find the total earnings and expenses of each of them.

She worked as a registered nurse in the critical care area of a local community hospital and, at this time, she was committed to become a nursing educator.

She got her bachelor’s of science in nursing with Excelsior College, a part of the New York State University and immediately upon graduation she began graduate school at Adelphi University on Long Island, New York.


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