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If you choose to discuss the issue through the realism approach, you want to discuss the roll of the individual as a selfish, power-seeking entity functioning within a state that acts as one voice, and how they seek to fulfill national interest.A liberalist perspective should stick to the premise that people are basically good and moral, and that we develop institutions to bring out the best in people in order to deal with society's problems.

The universal health care would not truly be free because the government would raise taxes or make…

Selecting a topic appropriate for the international relations (IR) course research paper could be as simple as pulling out the "World" section of your local newspaper and scanning the headlines.

Even if employers are able to provide health insurance benefits, the trend is towards providing high-deductible insurance that covers an ever-shrinking percentage of health care costs (Julia Prah Ruger).

If there was universal health care, businesses would not have to offer/ provide health care. Although there are positive benefits to the financial perspective of universal health care, there are also individuals who would disagree with this side.

What America Needs Currently, more than 45 million Americans lack any form of health insurance, and millions more have insurance but do not have the financial protection from health care costs (Kao-Ping Chua). An alternative perspective is that good health and secure access to health care are key to a person’s ability to work and meet responsibilities of others.

Universal health care should be in the United States because no individual should go without adequate health care. Society has a strong role in every individual and family being able to flourish, so it makes sense to find agreeable ways to avoid the worries and risks that come from bad health or an inability to pay for needed care.

How is the control and eradication of a disease, such as AIDS, a transnational issue (an economic, social, and ethical issue)?

What are the primary countries involved with this issue, and what countries have assumed leadership roles in dealing with it?

Other businesses have to provide health insurance to most or all of their workers, which takes a toll on their budgets.

The percentage of employers offering health insurance dropped from 69% in 2000 to 60% in 2005 (Kao-Ping Chua).


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