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Thus, parents’ abilities to effectively discuss negative events may influence their children’s reactions to future events when they mature.Because children use their parents as guides, Laible (2011) hypothesized that mothers who were able to have healthy conversations, based on the past positive and negative events, with their preschool aged children would be influential in the children’s emotional development.Essentially, attachment involves a “reciprocal relationship” between the parent and child (Shaffer & Kipp, 2014, p. Parental obligations include communicating with their children; however, communication may include negative and positive discussions.

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Child development is a promising field for psychologists and leads to great insight into the ways in which human minds operate a young age.

This sample psychology research paper explores attachment theory, a popular method for understanding how and why humanoid children develop and form relationships.

While modern theorists may author the most up-to-date articles available, tackling established research can help you to learn about some of the widely accepted theories of child development.

For example, the 20th century academic Erik Erikson's well-known theory posits that each stage of human development includes a struggle for the individual to overcome within a greater framework of society and social contexts.

For example, a study on the effects of early child care in the journal Child Development associated quality early childhood care with higher cognitive abilities and academic achievement during the teen years.

The developmental domains -- cognitive, motor, social and emotional -- provide opportunities to write narrowly focused research papers that feature a specific area.In order to explore this finding, Harlow realized that if the babies were placed in cages without the diapers, they would die.Subsequently, Harlow maintained that mothers seemingly provided (Vicedo, 2009, p. Later on, Harlow found that rhesus babies who were raised by wire mothers were unable to form relationships as adults; however, Harlow also noted that the baby monkeys who were raised by cloth mothers which mimicked comfort, such as rocking, were more likely to develop normally (Vicedo, 2009).Based in Pittsburgh, Erica Loop has been writing education, child development and parenting articles since 2009.Her articles have appeared in "Pittsburgh Parent Magazine" and the website PBS Parents.One of a human being’s basic necessities is love and companionship, and this need begins in infancy.In order to explore the importance of early bonding, Harry Harlow created surrogate mothers for rhesus babies.Choose either one domain or a particular aspect within that theme.For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics' Healthy Children website notes that at one year old, most children have the hand and finger skills to build a tower with up to four blocks, to scribble and to pick up small objects.Shortly after their birth, the rhesus babies were taken from their mothers and placed in individual cages.Initially, the cages were lined with soft gauze diapers, and Harlow realized that the rhesus babies grew attached to the diapers.


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