Retail Business Entrepreneur Dissertations

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JIBED welcomes papers encompassing different areas of international business studies, such as marketing, management, organisational behaviour, finance, accounting, MIS, economics, and different dimensions of international entrepreneurship, such as venture capital formation, franchising, small business management, family business management, and technopreneurship.

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Information for this case was gathered by interviewing both owners of Horse Feathers Gifts. Independent restaurants are important in communities. Not only can restaurants provide the basic need of an enjoyable meal but restaurants also serve as gathering places for social and recreational purposes.

People can celebrate special occasions, spend time with family or friends, and/or enjoy the atmosphere at restaurants.

One way to minimize this risk is to create a business plan.

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Thus the main objective of this paper is to create a business plan that will not only help the restaurant develop and ...This research is a case study based on an entrepreneurship located in Henderson, Kentucky called Horse Feathers Gifts.Horse Feathers Gifts supplies handmade, vintage-inspired jewelry and accessories to customers all over the world.Since the Vietnamese government implemented an economic renovation policy in 1986, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have tremendously contributed to a rapid growth in the country's economy (Tran, Le, & Nguyen, 2008).Although SMEs play an important role in Vietnam's apparel retail market, relatively little is known about Vietnam's apparel retailing market environment and domestic Vietnamese apparel retailers' dynamic business performance in the marketplace.The case study documents the path taken by Horse Feathers Gifts’ owners, showing exactly how the entrepreneurship reached the successful position that it currently holds.Based on the case studies available and a review of the literature, it is apparent that no other case studies like this one exist.Researchers have studied entrepreneurship for decades. In recent years, significant relationship between entrepreneurial competencies and firm performance has been reported in empirical studies.Applying the competency approach, researchers have assumed that entrepreneurial competency differentiates entrepreneurs from non-entrepreneurs without empirically examining if this is the case.Finally, the novice researcher must choose the design in which one can complete the study within a reasonable time frame with minimal cost.This is particularly important for student researchers. Entrepreneurship is of critical importance to the modern economy.


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