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They hadn’t settled on a topic, but the two were fond of playing rock-paper-scissors in their garage, their matches filled with aggrandizing trash-talk.

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a method of selecting, for example, which of two people perform a task: each person simultaneously makes one of three hand gestures representing a rock, a sheet of paper, and a pair of scissors respectively.

Each gesture defeats one and is defeated by one of the other two: rock defeats scissors but is defeated by paper; paper defeats rock but is defeated by scissors.

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It was 1995, in the early days of the web, when the brothers Doug and Graham Walker decided they wanted to start a website.

The truth is finally told about how the most popular game in the world came to be.

The story begins when Rock goes out looking for someone to battle him.In a time when the Internet was first beginning to give people’s secret passions a platform, the brothers managed to hit a nerve and inspire a subculture.By the time the brothers threw their first “world championship” at a pub in Toronto in 2002, there was a line of people two blocks long in the middle of a snowstorm, determined to try their luck in the formal elimination contest or the seedy “street competition.” “RPS is written off as a kids’ game ...but when you delve into it it’s one of the purest forms of competition that two minds can have with each other,” says the professional rock-paper-scissors player Jason Simmons (he goes by the stage name Master Roshambollah).Simmons, who travels to participate in international RPS tournaments several times a year, started the first American competition in 2001 at Burning Man.In Indonesia, the game is earwig-man-elephant, where the earwig overcomes the elephant by crawling up his trunk and eating his brain.But whatever the interpretation, the game is pervasive, combining everyday utility with basic human psychology.At its peak in the mid-aughts, the World Rock Paper Scissors Society was holding championships complete with black-and-white-shirted referees.They had corporate sponsorships from Microsoft and Yahoo! The 2007 championships were televised on ESPN and Fox Sports, and convention.” Last month, players took to a pub in London to battle it out for the title of U. Rock Paper Scissors Champion, and an international championship has been scheduled for spring of 2016.“Who doesn’t want to be the world champion at something, no matter how insignificant? Kids (and adults) love to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.


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