Romeo And Juliet Essay Examples

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Juliet shows belief in the power of fate as well and when Romeo escapes from Mantua, she appeals to fortune to send Romeo back.

Friar Laurence thinks that God has planned all events in the life of people so destiny exists and has power over people.

It’s a romantic play that shows pure love of two young people from the feuding families.

This tragedy became the classic of all love stories and the ABC of love being quoted all over the world.

Can the characters choose what they are willing to do or are they just destined to the death and destruction?

The play conveys the idea that people are powerless to change their fate.Fate is the central theme from the beginning of the play and, actually, it’s the dominant force.From the very beginning, we are completely aware that the story of Romeo and Juliet will have a tragic end.High school students are often given open-ended discussion questions for Romeo and Juliet to help them move through this literary work and ensure that they get the meaning.Answering discussion questions will help you prepare for writing powerful essays that give in-depth analysis of the tragedy’s content and style and interpreting Shakespeare’s ideas and his philosophy of life that he expressed through the characters in his plays and in some of his sonnets.Fate is against them so the lovers will be punished.The problem of the relationship between fate and free will is set from the very beginning of the tragedy.Need advice on how to organize the writing process for your Romeo and Juliet essay?You should keep in mind that no one can write a strong paper overnight so you should schedule enough time for planning, gathering evidence, drafting, revising, and editing.Fate and fortune dominate in the play and all events in the play are out of human control.The characters also believe that they cannot make their own choices because destiny and luck have a full control of their lives and see omens in many situations.


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