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Hence, confirming at least once from free plagiarism checker is a safer approach.

Most of the outcomes of plagiarism occur once the replication is caught, but the personal ones happen despite any outside involvement.

A specific memorable or worse episode of plagiarism can totally devastate a person’s image and force him to change careers just to avoid the stigma of duplication.

Other than all the professional and personal hardships that may generate, in specific cases, there are legal consequences too.

Small infractions might result in receiving a zero on that specific assignment, while the significant infringement can even result in expulsion or suspension.

Either way, plagiarism is embarrassing for the student and will have his future assignments scrutinized more closely than all other students.Built with thorough research on the needs of our customers, all the essential strategies and techniques have been implemented to make results 100% accurate and authentic for everyone.We analyzed that any anti-plagiarism software is mostly used by students or teacher to check the essays, papers, and reports that they submit or that have been submitted to them.Apart from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), our free plagiarism finder can also be utilized by students and teachers for academic uses. Your given text is mapped into our internal network, and then it is compared against different databases and the entire internet.We have designed our algorithm to especially ignore statistically common phrases to provide a better and more valuable search for potential plagiarism in the text.If you are web owner, then it is very important to have a plagiarism-free content on your website if you wish to attract maximum traffic.This is the best Free Plagiarism Checker that you will find online as it works the same way as Google.Today, piracy has become a constant issue in educational institutions as students create many assignments using a large amount of research in a small amount of time.Many schools/institutions like Duke University, have bodies like Office of Judicial affair that will go through every case of plagiarism and settle a punishment.Umpteen journalists, academics, writers, and creators have had their professional along with personal reputations ruined over accusations of replicating material.Not only plagiarist gave their on-going work halted, by being dismissed or by having contracts abolish, but they also can find it hard to get any future work.


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    When instructors create an assignment and choose to use SafeAssign, they determine if students can see the results of the report. The report identifies all matching blocks of text. Instructors and their students need to determine if the matching text is properly referenced.…

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    If you've correctly submitted your work to a SafeAssign-enabled assignment, then after a short gap which may. 100 percent match for this item in SafeAssign.…

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    Use SafeAssign to review assignment submissions for originality and create opportunities to help students identify how to properly attribute sources rather than paraphrase. SafeAssign is based on a unique text matching algorithm capable of detecting exact and inexact matching between a paper and source material.…

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    An overall score of about 80% or greater is a flag for Dr. Bortner to look at the SafeAssign Report. The matching of the common shared material is ignored. Calculations and uncertainties in the report are gray areas. If you write the reports on your own, you should not necessarily have exactly the same sample calculations as your partner.…

  • Submitting a "Safe Assignment" via Blackboard

    Submitting a "Safe Assignment" via Blackboard. This help sheet assumes that your instructor has created a "Safe Assignment" in Blackboard, which means that you will submit your assignment via Blackboard, and your writing will be checked against a database of pre-existing work to produce an "originality report," indicating how much of your language has been borrowed from other sources.…

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    SafeAssign originality reports provide detailed information about the matches found between a submitted paper and existing sources. The SafeAssign report identifies all matching blocks of text. You and your students need to investigate whether the matching text is properly referenced.…

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    SafeAssign compares submitted assignments against a set of academic papers to identify. SafeAssign is based on a unique text matching algorithm capable of.…

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    A SafeAssign originality report provides detailed information about the matches found between a student’s submitted paper and existing sources. Both instructors and students can use the report to review assignment submissions for originality and create opportunities to identify how to properly attribute sources rather than paraphrase.…

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    Use Safe Assignment as one tool to determine if work was plagiarized, not as the only tool. This resources is a text-matching tool and you should examine suspect documents closely before determining that students have plagiarized, whether intentionally or not. Steps for using Safe Assignment Let's get started using Safe Assignment.…

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