Short Essay On Mercy Killing

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In Holland, for example, where laws against assisted suicide are largely ignored and rarely enforced, 25,300 cases of assisted suicide occur each year This represents 19.4% of all deaths, (Mc Cord, 22).This is a frightening statistic, which should certainly be considered, along with the previously mentioned facts, when debating the issue of euthanasia.

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It is not exactly natural, after all to keep somebody alive with all kinds of tubes running in and out of his or her body.

Here is where the distinction between illnesses and afflictions that can be healed or cured and ones that cannot becomes important.

While it is certainly true that one goal of medicine has always been to prolong life, another goal has been the alleviation of pain and suffering.

One point at which these two views collide, often violently, is over the hotly debated issue of euthanasia.

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There are cases in which euthanasia is wrong, especially cases involving conscious people who are not really in a lot of pain, seeking death.

In these cases, some kind of counseling would make a lot more sense than just accepting that these people think they need to die and therefore should.

After all, it is, in most cases, the individual with the disease is the one who make the final decision.

Furthermore, is it brutal or inhuman to end somebody s life when it is clear that the life they are living is a life of pain and suffering?


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