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(Last Update: January 5, 2008)Participation is free: this is the message stressed at all times by the Shri Ram Chandra Mission.Indeed, to begin to meditate with Sahaj Marg requires no expenditure, no commitment.SMSF offers a heart-based training to inculcate the principles of love, brotherhood and harmony through Heartfulness Meditation of the Heartfulness Institute.

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All disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc.) are also now the object of funds being collected.

The form of gift then inevitably includes a formula where Chari keeps to himself the right to divert the donation for the benefit of a very different purpose than initially presented.

In France, there are 5 types of memberships (member, participant, active partner or benefactor), from € 75 to € 1,200.

To participate in international seminars, it is necessary to add an international identity card costing US $ 10 each.

SMSF Centres for Research, Education, Sadhana and Training (CREST) exist in Bangalore, India.

These centres provide a place for opening the mind to the possibilities of human evolution, through spiritual practice and audacious thinking. The Free Medical Centres and medical camps of SMSF provide a valuable service in various regions of India, including places where medical services are not always available, e.g. They also provide an opportunity for medical personnel to offer selfless service in the tradition of karma yoga.In some countries, local associations SRCM ® are recognized as public utilities and receive a tax exemption on donations.This is not the case in France, where they are therefore strongly discouraged.To finance the investment necessary for this development, SRCM ® has procured cash by offering subscriptions for life, first for its various paper publications, then for its audio-visual publications, averaging € 1000.Today, any new project is accompanied by its derivative products, responsible for funding all or part of the costs.Our charitable initiatives include scholarships for students, free medical services, independent and group spaces for meditation, and retreat facilities, to name just a few. SMSF has been recognised as a charitable organisation under the Income Tax Act and has been granted 12AA registration and has also been granted exemptions under section 10(23C) and 80G under the Income Tax Act 1961. SMSF is an umbrella for a number of activities, including: Retreat centres provide space for spiritual seekers to be in touch with the simplicity and beauty of the inner Self, through introspection and meditation, so as to face life refreshed with a renewed sense of purpose and restored balance.There are retreat centres in various part of India.An internally accredited curriculum is offered to impart heart-based meditation training to universities and colleges, corporates and government organizations, school children and local communities.SMSF also conducts spiritual training for serious spiritual seekers in the fields of research and education. Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation (SMSF) is a Public Charitable Trust created by Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari for the purpose of promoting the feeling of mutual love and brotherhood by practising the Sahaj Marg system of Raja Yoga meditation, irrespective of caste, creed, religion etc.To continue "Freely" (without costs) on this path becomes much more difficult.First, it encourages you to buy the books of Master Chari, and particularly "My Master" to better understand his thinking.


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