Silko Ceremony Essay

Tayo’s discovery that “it took a great deal of energy to be a human being,” that human beings are inextricably connected to everything around them, is the focus of this novel.

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At the start of the novel, it ensures that the whole narrative in it represents a story.

Within the novel, the author indicated that storytelling ranked to be the main matter compared to other ethical concerns entailed in the story.

is a novel about wholeness and what happens to a person, a community, and a universe when any one part or person is not integrated into that whole.

Separation, alienation, and disease, Silko and the Laguna people claim, result from failing to remember the stories and one’s role in them, to recognize the integral connection of all things and all people, and to acknowledge the need to maintain the balance of the world through the creation of new ceremonies.

Finally, Old Betonie applies different rituals to ensure that the Native American ceremonies give Tayo peace (Silko 2).

In Ceremony, different forms happen and Tayo participates in each one, which acts as a manner of getting him back with his Native American culture.

Drunken veterans recount their uniformed heroics—sleeping with white women who thought they were Italians, killing Japanese soldiers, and returning to an Indian world where their military and macho exploits mean little.

They fill the time with war stories; they have become agents of fragmentation and destruction. They embody the witchery described in the poem: Just as the gambler stole the rain, the veterans have driven it away with their killing.

We also see Old Betonie and Night Swan tell part of their stories as Tayo claims to remember a story that Rocky told him.

Old Betonie claims that, there is a time that Tayo’s aunt distracted him during a part of the story.


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