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Thus case studies have serious problems with both internal and external validity.

Thus case studies have serious problems with both internal and external validity.(Her real name was Bertha Pappenheim, and she was an early feminist who went on to make important contributions to the field of social work.) Anna had come to Freud’s colleague Josef Breuer around 1880 with a variety of odd physical and psychological symptoms.Before continuing, it is important to distinguish single-subject research from two other approaches, both of which involve studying in detail a small number of participants.

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Most of this book is about what can be called group research, which typically involves studying a large number of participants and combining their data to draw general conclusions about human behavior.

The study by Hall and his colleagues, in contrast, is an example of single-subject research, which typically involves studying a small number of participants and focusing closely on each individual.

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For example, if a patient is described in a case study as having been sexually abused as a child and then as having developed an eating disorder as a teenager, there is no way to determine whether these two events had anything to do with each other.

A second reason is that an individual case can always be unusual in some way and therefore be unrepresentative of people more generally.

As a general rule, however, case studies cannot substitute for carefully designed group or single-subject research studies.

One reason is that case studies usually do not allow researchers to determine whether specific events are causally related, or even related at all.

For each of several days, the researchers carefully recorded whether or not each student was doing schoolwork every 10 seconds during a 30-minute period.

Once they had established this baseline, they introduced a treatment.


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