Six Sigma Problem Solving Tools

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• Explore the different solutions using the PDCA cycle and select the best one to implement.The cycle allows you to systematically study the possible solutions, evaluate the results and select the ones that have a higher chance of success.

• Explore the different solutions using the PDCA cycle and select the best one to implement.

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This way DMAIC seeks to provide permanent solutions when it comes to process improvement.

DMAIC is an acronym that stands for Following we have listed down the 5 phases of the DMAIC process along with the steps you need to take when using it to solve problems.

In the final phase of the DMAIC method, the focus falls on maintaining the improvements you have gained by implementing the solutions.

Here you should continue to measure the success and create a plan to monitor the improvements (a Monitoring plan).

This map is known as the to-be map or the future-state map.

It will provide guidance for the team as they implement changes.These baseline measurements will be used as the standards against which the team will measure their success in the ‘Improve’ phase.The analyze phase of the DMAIC process is about identifying the root cause that is causing the problem.DMAIC is a data-driven method used to systematically improve the process.The approach aims to increase the quality of a product or service by focusing on optimizing the process that produces the output.Use a cause and effect diagram/ fishbone diagram to capture the knowledge of the process participants during the session.In this phase, the focus is on mitigating the root cause identified and brainstorming and implementing solutions.In this post, we will look at how to use the DMAIC process to solve problems.You will also find useful and editable templates that you can use right away when implementing DMAIC problem-solving in your organization.In this first step of the DMAIC problem solving method, you need to focus on what the problem is and how it has affected you as a company.There are a few steps you need to follow in this phase.


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