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Relying on ethnographic work, archival research, and conceptual analyses, authors challenge the monolithic perceptions of smuggling as merely exploitative, inherently criminal, violent and male, by documenting the experiences of the people whose actions facilitate migration into Europe and the United States, across Africa, the Americas and the Pacific, and shedding light on everyday practices and interactions of mobility and their criminalization by the state.Read the full-text of this RSCAS Book edited by Gabriella Sanchez and Luigi Achilli within the framework of the Migrant Smuggling Observatory.

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more Alors que la Régie de l'opium constitue un pilier économique de l' Indochine française, celle-ci est concurrencée par une contrebande permanente.

Le trafic illicite s'incarne en partie par des « syndicats de l'opium », véritables organisations hiérarchisées qui industrialisent la fraude, s'appuient sur des réseaux puissants, et défient les institutions légitimes.



Aslında ayırıcı ve sınırlayıcı özelliklerinin ötesinde kıyıların aynı zamanda kara ile denizin birleştiği yerler olduğunu çoğu zaman göz ardı ederiz.

Bu bakımdan kıyılar sadece coğrafyanın değil denizci ile kara toplumlarının karşılaştığı ya da en azından birbirine karıştığı bölgelerdi.

Ces syndicats remettent en cause l'efficacité du système colonial et témoignent de l'incapacité de l'administration à contrôler véritablement le commerce de l'opium. Barts were actively engaged with illicit trade in ships, prize goods, and the transatlantic slave trade.

Whilst the Régie of opium constituted an economic foundation of French Indochina, its importance was challenged by the existence of a permanent smuggling ring. Ships’ crews, governors, and merchants took advantage of the islands’ physical, political, and legal environments to effectively launder goods, ships, and people that were actively involved in these activities. Thomas stands out due to the longevity of its status as a regional and international hub for illicit trade at the end of Atlantic and Caribbean privateering and piracy.

It results in many crimes such as prostitution, begging, forced labor, organ transplantation and bonded labor.

The findings of this paper are that trafficking in persons is one of the most...


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