Solving Problems Creatively

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The reasons this is true are almost too numerous to list: I know this is a sudden shift from the general to the specific, but it serves to show how a bias created by television can influence other behaviors.

The basic message of television is "Let me do it for you — you cannot do it alone, I am essential.

I want to blame television, but I suspect that's too easy.

I've been hearing about the decline of standards in American education, the absence of creative thinking skills in young people, but until recently I had no direct evidence.

Your experience is shaped by my ideas, your own ideas have no value at all.

You cannot possibly detect humor, that is beyond the scope of your small brain, so I will signal the presence of humor by laughing for you.

You may not use one of their solutions exactly, but you free your memory to retrieve more information, making that elusive "aha" moment easier to reach.

By re-describing the problem, you're much more likely to find inspiration for a truly creative innovation.

At its best, college will train you to think creatively, and prepare you for the reality that education never ends.

At its worst, college will reinforce an inbred intellectual smugness, dress it in facts, and provide you with a document asserting your immunity to all future intellectual experience.


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