Stem Cell Research Essay

i PS are artificially derived from a non-pluripotent cell, such as adult somatic cells.This is probably an important advancement in stem cell research, since it allows researchers to obtain pluripotent stem cells, which are important in research, without the controversial use of embryos.Stem cells are cells that have not differentiated into a specific type of cell and can become any part of the body that is needed (Stem cells and diseases.

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As you will most probably notice, the following arguments are not exclusively in use when talking about stem cell research.

Stem cell research can potentially help treat a range of medical problems.

Stem Cell Treatment Briefing Document and Position Paper. Haruko Obokata recently became the talk of the stem cell research community. In both Europe and China, stem cell research has emerged as a key strategic field.

In a research paper to be published in Cell Reports on Oct. To cite this page in a research paper, visit: "Citing Abort73 as a Source. Should the federal government fund embryo stem cell research? In a new paper published in the journal ACS Nano, Dr. Embryonic stem cell research versus the moral status of a human embryo.

Others have the potential to repair or replace damaged tissue or cells.

Embryonic Stem Cells are developed from a female egg after it is fertilized by sperm. Stem cell research is used for investigation of basic cells which develop organisms.

Whether stem cell research will have a similar effect remains to be determined, but the promise is so great that it seems wise to consider seriously how best to. Genetics term papers (paper 17146) on Should Stem-Cell Research Be Banned? The use of human embryos for research on embryonic stem (ES) cells is currently high on the ethical and political agenda in many countries. Many religious groups argue that stem cell research should be discontinued by the federal government, because the.

Research in adult stem cells is important and should be encouraged but, at present, these. A recent paper describing the role of Cdx2 in early cellular differentiation.

This is typically done just days after conception or between the 5th and 9th week.

Since then, researchers have moved on to more ethical study methods, such as Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (i PS).


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